Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Complete Website of Sewing Machine Support

The Complete Website of Sewing Machine Support

If you can operate a sewing machine, or are the least a bit mechanically inclined, you can do your own sewing machine repairs with advice from Absolute Sewing machine support.
The cost and inconvenience of taking your machine to a shop for a service or repair can be minimised by having the knowledge to solve common faults, mistakes and break downs. Old and new sewing machines and overlockers all work on the same basic principles which have changed very little over time. Some machine are electronically driven but these machines still suffer from the same common problems.

Sewing machine support

At Absolute Sewing machine support you’ll learn how to troubleshoot problems on all types of sewing machines, sergers and overlockers.  I’ll do my best to explain how to solve many common and more advance sewing machine problems in a non-technical language.
I’ll cover how to:
  • use different sewing machine feet
  • adjust your tension and timing
  • select correct needles and sewing materials
  • clean and oil your sewing machine
  • check electrical components
  • adjusting and troubleshooting hook, feed, needle bar and looper problems and more
  • show how to avoid pitfalls caused by needles, cotton, material and bad technique
I will also expand on:
  • tricks to saving time and money
  • sewing machine parts
  • removing covers, disassembly and reassembly
Here’s hoping you find the information on this web site useful! I would love to hear from you, please comment or ask me questions via the contact form. Happy sewing!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair tips. Removing covers, sewing foot repair and general repair tips

The needle position not aligning could be because your machine needs a good clean and oiling. I’m not sure if your model have a button hole function. Make sure it is not engaged. Sometimes the shaft where the reverse unit turns in get sticky and does not return with your button hole dial. You will have to oil and warm it up with a hair dryer or use a special release oil. You will get access to it by removing the side cover. It can take a while to work in the fresh oil.

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair

Husqvarna 2000 service and repair