Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Elna bobbin case repair for Stella TSP

The spring scale N° 101’670 is calibrated at the factory and should not be modified.

Referring to the first picture in the picture gallery below on how to set the tension on the lower bobbin case:

1. Insert a full bobbin of embroidery thread N° 30-2 ply (60-2) and thread the tension as per drawing. Set the take-up lever in its highest position.

2. Set gratuated wheel “C” on “1″, loosen screw “a” and adjust eccentric “b” to obtain a residual tension between 45 and 55 g by pulling the spring scale 1011670 slowly in the illustrated direction.

3. Tighten screw “a” whilst retaining “b” in its position.

4. Turn graduated wheel “c” several times between “0″ and “2″ and recheck adjustment .

Elna bobbin case repair

Elna bobbin case repair questions can be asked in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Elna bobbin case repair for Stella TSP

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