Monday, March 3, 2014

Globe foot controls

Globe Foot Controls

The globe sewing machines and overlockers use mostly the same plug except for some of the electronic models. This three hole plug were also used by various other sewing machine and overlocker brands like Husqvarna, Janome, Pfaff, Singer, Jaquar, Toyota, Frister & Rossmann, White and more. I’ve listed some of the models that should also fit the Globe foot controls below.

Compatible part numbers are: YC-482E, 40059964, 72917, 1150018-834, YC-482T-1, 412000018, 11939, 11850E, 30990 and 11850.

Many models of sewing machines and overlockers used for the Globe, Frister & Rossmann and White brands are the same. The model numbers may be different but the parts are mostly interchangeable like the foot controls, gears, baldes, loopers etc.

Husqvarna: 340D-341D-905-910-3400
Janome: 5500-8000-8600-8800
Pfaff: 4240-4250-4260
Singer: 14J334-132-1019-1025-1027-132Q140Q
Toyota: 4300-4600
White: 208-503-505-710-734-834D999-1523-1577-1599-1800-1934D-19554040-4075-5500-534D-7234-734D-7347934-7934DW-2000-SL243D-SL34

You can always find a matching foot control from Trademe foot controls in New Zealand or Dulwich Hill Sewing Centre in Australia and they should all be 240V.

The following foot controls are for a 110v power supply and won’t be safe with a 220V power supply.

Globe foot controls

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